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Your air conditioning unit needs a little TLC every year to continue performing at its best. Routine air conditioner maintenance service in Jeffersonville, IN is the best way to ensure your system will continue running smoothly and efficiently during the hottest days of summer. Equipment manufacturers all recommend annual inspections and maintenance by a qualified technician. Many include language mandating in their warranties that damage to the units caused by improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. Therefore, units that are not serviced annually could have their warranty suspended.


These benefits include:

  • Better air conditioner performance 

  • Improved energy efficiency 

  • Reduced energy waste 

  • Lower energy bills 

  • Less likelihood of breakdowns 

  • Longer service life

  • Ensures Warranty Compliance

Why stop at just an air conditioner tune up when you can protect all your home’s vital systems?

Our service agreements provide both heating and cooling tune ups each year. If you happen to experience a breakdown over the course of the year, you receive priority scheduling to ensure system issues are resolved sooner and more damage is avoided, as well as a great discount on repairs.

When you hire Anytime Heating and Air Conditioning for your home services maintenance needs, we offer:

  • Honest, upfront pricing

  • Same-day friendly service

  • 100% guarantee on our work

  • 10% off repair price

Benefits of Routine Air Conditioner maintenance

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