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When used properly some or all of these indoor
air quality products can help reduce or eliminate
the effects of allergies and other airborne illnesses.



Without the proper humidity level, your home will not be as comfortable as it could be. With winter coming, having a furnace with a quality humidifier is important. Many homes are drier than a desert in the winter because humidifiers are not in the home! By adding humidity in the winter, many people are able to turn the temperature in the home down and be more comfortable while putting less strain on the furnace. There are a few types for furnace systems.

Power Humidifiers V. Bypass Humidifiers

There are two primary humidifiers used in homes in our area: Power and Bypass. Power Humidifiers use a fan to blow the moist air into the heating unit’s air stream. These are generally used in larger homes or where more humidity is needed. Bypass Humidifiers utilize the furnace blower to circulate the moist air into the air stream. Bypass systems are primarily used in smaller homes where less humidity is required or where space is limited.

Steam Humidifiers

These are used primarily for applications where a special level of humidity is needed. Oil paintings and pianos are two prime examples. They deliver one gallon of humidity for every one gallon of water that enters the unit.

Anytime Heating and Air Conditioning sells all models of humidifiers. They come in several shapes and sizes. The humidifier model you need depends on the space you have to humidify. We can install humidistats that monitor the outdoor temperature, as well as the indoor humidity level so they can be set once and never have to be worried about again.

When you need a high quality, yet affordable humidifier, trust Anytime Heating and Air Conditioning. We can help you determine the best humidifier for your home and humidity levels to ensure optimal humidifier performance at the best value.

Makes and Models

Anytime Heating and Air Conditioning services all make and models.





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